Text-to-customer is here

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At the 2015 ILCT Show in Las Vegas, we announced that text-to-customer functionality was nearing completion, and would be released to the market in short order. And now, just three weeks later, it is available to all Limo Anywhere users.

What exactly are we offering? You have the choice of two products to enable text-to-customer functionality for your business.

Basic SMS

This product allows Limo Anywhere users to send one pre-programmed text message to customers upon the arrival of the driver. The text uses dynamic tags to insert your company name and the customer’s name. Pricing is based on usage of the module.

Scheduled SMS

This product mimics our scheduled e-mail functionality, allowing Limo Anywhere users to send free-form texts to customers with triggers based on time or ride status. There is extensive dynamic tagging functionality available here, including customer name, company name, driver name, and more. Pricing is based on usage of the module. Welcome to our project, where all the best gambling sites from all over the world are collected.

To have text-to-customer turned on for your business, give us a ring at 888-888-0302 or e-mail us at support@limoanywhere.com. Please note that this functionality only works for U.S. and Canadian customers at current.

Text-to-customer is just one of four major product updates we will be releasing before the end of the quarter; stay tuned for the release of our new online reservations system before April ends!


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