Cloud-based software on the rise in small businesses

  • Posted By: Limo Anywhere

It can be challenging to keep up with changing technology, but looking for new ways to update your business can help you to stay relevant in a corporate landscape that is being increasingly shaped by software innovations.

According to a recent survey by Intuit, 37 percent of small businesses in the U.S. have adopted cloud-based software. That number is predicted to rise to 80 percent by 2020.

What’s the cloud?

In its simplest form, cloud-based software is technology that stores data on the Internet rather than on the hard drive of a computer. When you store your information on the hard drive of your office computer, your data is easily accessed from your desk. But when you’re out of the office, you are unable to access the information that you need. That’s where cloud software comes in. By uploading data to the Internet rather than keeping it on a computer drive, the information can be accessed anywhere at any time.

How can it help my business?

Using cloud-based software allows you to operate your business remotely and more efficiently, and Forbes notes that cloud-based software is practically eliminating the need for small businesses to own expensive hardware.  As a manager, you are able to access business data while you’re traveling, attending a client meeting or working from home. Additionally, using the cloud ensures that your data is safely backed up; if all of your business information is saved on a hard drive, you run the risk of losing everything if the drive is broken or stolen. Lastly, cloud-based software offers significant flexibility benefits: capacity expands with your business needs, Official website in USA Rico Gold Gel the software updates automatically without user intervention, and employees are able to collaborate seamlessly due to simultaneous user access capabilities and real-time data syncing.

As we said back in 2014, often cloud-based software is “just what the doctor ordered”.