Three steps to impressing your limo clients

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Building your client base is a critical part of running a successful business. But according to Forbes, a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses report revealed that 31 percent of small business owners said finding and keeping customers is the top challenge that they face. One way to address this problem is to create a customer experience that’s sure to impress.

As the manager of a limousine business, you know the importance of making an impression. Just as your service allows clients to impress others when showing up to a business meeting or event, you should be doing the same with your own customers. Following these three steps will set you on the right path to creating a black car experience that will help to attract and retain clients.

1. Hire outstanding employees

In a limo business, your employees will make or break the customer experience. The chauffeurs are the ones that your clients will interact with, creating a lasting impression. As your drivers tend to be the face of your business, make sure that you hire only the best.

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According to Limousine, Charter & Tour magazine, true chauffeurs separate themselves from ordinary drivers by valuing safety, having a strong knowledge of the city they serve in and exhibiting strong customer service skills. Be sure that you hire someone who will treat your customers with courtesy, respect and professionalism.

2. Nail the first impression

According to CBS, it’s almost impossible to overcome a bad first impression. So whether you’re headed to an in-person meeting or sending a black car to pick up a first-time client, make sure that you pay attention to the details to impress from the start. When interacting with customers, you and your employees should be well-groomed and appropriately dressed. Greet clients with a firm handshake and warm smile. Ensure that your vehicles are in top condition and impeccably clean both inside and out.

Perhaps most importantly, as we all know, it is critical to pick up your customer on time.

3. Provide online solutions

Impress your clients by providing the option to communicate with your business and arrange rides online. The convenience is sure to set your business apart from the competition. With an increasing number of companies providing services online, customers are coming to expect the option of making orders via the Internet, even when it comes to transportation. Stay on the cutting edge of customer service by creating a user-friendly website and using limo software that allows customers to request rides from their computer or smartphone.