Train your chauffeurs in customer service

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While you may be the one pulling the strings for your limo service, your chauffeurs are the face of your company. For better or for worse, your drivers are the ones that your clients interact with most frequently, so the impression they’re left with is impacted by the service that your chauffeurs provide. To ensure that this impression is a favorable one, use these strategies to train your drivers in the finer points of customer service.

Make service a priority
If customer service is a priority in your limo business – and it should be – it’s important to emphasize that to your employees from the start. Create a training program for all new hires to help them master the customer service climate of your company.

When designing this program, the Small Business Chronicle recommended first identifying the needs of your clients. Knowing what your customers expect from a chauffeur will help you train your employees in a way that will create a positive experience. It may be helpful to hand out feedback cards or create a survey to learn more about the expectations of your clientele.

The format of your training program should be tailored to meet the needs of your company. If you see areas that need significant improvement, consider hiring a professional to give a seminar, or purchase or create training videos. Even if you believe that your employees are doing well in the area of customer service, you should at least write down your standards and make sure that your chauffeurs are familiar with the expectations. Have each person study and sign a copy, or hang a framed copy in an easily accessible location.

Ask clients for feedback to improve your customer service.

Ask clients for feedback to improve your customer service.

Look for ways to improve
Once you’ve created a training program, your work isn’t done. You should always be looking for ways to improve your company’s client experience. Regularly review the performance of your staff, whether by observing them in action or asking for feedback from customers. If you identify common areas for improvement, hold a staff meeting to discuss the issues.

Your business may benefit from occasionally providing incentives for great customer service. Consider creating an employee of the month program where the chauffeur with the best client feedback gets a gift card, extra long lunch break or other reward.