3 reasons your business should be on Twitter

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With the stunning rate at which technology develops these days, it can be hard to keep up with the newest trends, products and platforms. One aspect of the Internet you’ve likely heard of is social media. Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest have been around for years, but are only just now being explored by businesses.

One of the most popular social platforms is Twitter. This service dedicates itself to “microblogging,” restricting users to posts of 140 characters or fewer. This may not sound like a very useful tool for your business, but you’d be surprised at how effective a solid social media strategy including Twitter can be. Here are three reasons you should seriously consider moving your business to Twitter.


Twitter has grown from a social space to an invaluable tool for businesses.


It’s not about selling, it’s about conversing
Traditional advertising wisdom says that your products and services should be front and center in your communication with potential customers. But business and marketing has changed, and if you adhere to these older conventions you’ll fall behind quickly.

In the age of social media, companies are more concerned about establishing a brand personality than with simply hawking products. Your clients know what services you offer, but what’s really important to consumers these days is what your business is like. Twitter is a great tool for establishing a brand identity outside of just “buy our products,” as it allows you to converse with your customers in real time. In fact, your interactions don’t even have to relate directly to your business. Discussing current events or even pop culture can be a way to get people interested in you not as a company selling a product, but as an entity they can relate to. Looking for where to , go to the official website of the Starburst Mostbet game https://starburst-game.com/en/play-starburst-mostbet

U.S. News & World Report suggested the “80/20” rule to govern this: around 80 percent of your Twitter content should relate to issues your audience is interested in, with only 20 percent of your content dedicated to promotions or direct sales tactics.

Feedback is key
You may be surprised to hear that some of the most influential moments in a customer’s interaction with a company occur when there’s a problem. Regardless of your efforts, you’re going to have unsatisfied clients at some point. The trick is to improve communication channels so your clients feel like they have the ability to address their concerns with you.

This is one of the biggest benefits of the instant nature of Twitter. Users can send tweets directly to your account that you can then respond to. This gives a whole new immediacy to the idea of the suggestion box, as you may even receive a tweet from an upset customer while he or she is still in one of your cars! It may seem overwhelming, but it’s a blessing in disguise. This immediate feedback gives you a chance to demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction by replying to these concerns in a timely and professional way. Believe it or not, this type of quick resolution may leave customers with even more of a positive impression than before the problem arose.

You need to connect
Every business needs clients, which means you need to be visible. Fortunately, the days of pounding the pavement are all but over. Now, you can use Twitter to connect with not just prospective clients, but other companies and professionals in your industry who are influencers and thought leaders.

These connections are crucial – not only can they directly increase your client base, but connecting with other businesses via the Web and social media is quickly becoming the new method of networking for organizations. In other words, if you don’t dive into Twitter and start communicating, you’re closing the door on your own success.