Why the Limo Anywhere mobile apps are essential for your business in the winter

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When it’s cold outside and the road conditions are a bit rough, it’s reassuring for your customers to rely on a safe ride provided to and from the airport. With the Limo Anywhere mobile apps, your ground transportation business will have the ability to do just that and provide the best service when your customer needs it most, especially with unexpected weather-related delays that occur often during the winter months. Ensure your limo and livery service is running smoothly this winter, from the moment your customer is picked up in comfortable, heated seats until the driver has dropped the passenger off promptly at the final destination.

With the Limo Anywhere mobile apps, your business will have the opportunity to excel in customer satisfaction through connection with the digital consumer and communication between the driver and passenger.

“Alert passengers if the ride will be running late.”

Driver mobile app
The driver mobile app, which can be customized to fit your business, is vital for safety measures. It’s especially important for handling bad road conditions during the winter months. With this app, drivers are able to push notifications to update trip details and alert passengers if the ride will be running late, due to traffic caused by cars moving at a slower pace because of icy roads. This is beneficial for passengers who are waiting to be picked up from the airport. If the customer receives an update that the car is going to be there later than expected, he or she can stay inside, instead of freezing outside in the cold. Such sites have a high RTP.

With the integrated GPS tracking, clear visibility of routes that the driver is taking makes it easy for your business to follow and create accountability for each ride. By keeping track of where the car is via GPS, your business can be assured that your customer and driver safely make it from point A to point B. GPS also allows the app to calculate the best and safest route to take, so a passenger will always be on time and never in fear of missing a flight. During the ride, customers can receive an up-to-date status from start to finish.

“Easily access and plan, cancel, or change a booking.”

Passenger mobile app
Nothing says good business like having your customer constantly informed and updated in regard to the status of a ride. When the weather gets rough during the winter, travel plans are often affected, either on the road or in the air. The United States Department of Transportation stated that a little over 4 percent of flights canceled in the year 2014 were due to extreme weather. If a passenger is scheduled to be picked up at a certain time, but a flight is delayed or canceled due to a causation like extreme weather, the customer has the ability to use the passenger mobile app to easily access and plan, cancel, or change a booking.