5 tips for growing your limo business in 2016

  • Posted By: Limo Anywhere

In the digital age, platforms such as smartphone apps, software programs and the cloud have become integral to the success of any business, big or small. Technology is shifting and expanding at a rapid pace, and companies need to adapt to and embrace change if they want to remain relevant and successful.

Therefore, as we head further into 2016, it’s important to look at your limousine business and devise plans for improvement and growth. Consider expanding your online content marketing strategy for example, or developing a convenient smartphone app for your customers. Certainly, there are a number of ways to harness the power of technology to grow your limousine operations this year. Below is a quick guide to five of the most effective strategies:

Use software
Specialized software programs can help every aspect of your limo business, from dispatching drivers on assignments, to creating a comprehensive booking system for your website. Software platforms are making running a limo business considerably easier and it’s time to embrace the change – if you haven’t already! Consider the services of Limo Anywhere. Our software programs can help with almost every aspect of your business. Our dispatch software can be used to dispatch cars, manage your reservations, your payroll and your customer database. And our online booking software creates an easy online booking system for your customers to use.

Develop a smartphone app
Smartphone apps can be used for pretty much everything these days, from shopping to dating and even banking. We  are glued to our phones and they help manage almost every aspect of our lives. As a recent study from Pew Research Center revealed, a majority of Americans – some 64 percent – now own a smartphone. It should come as no surprise then that smartphone apps can help grow a business. Customers demand ease and convenience, so building an app for your limousine company that will allow your valued customers to make bookings and track reservations will boost the growth and success of your operations considerably.

Keep up with social media
In 2016, staying ahead of the game with social media marketing means doing more than just updating your company’s Facebook page. New social platforms are always emerging, and the preferences of your customer base will likely change. As Small Business Trends reported, platforms such as Snapchat and Periscope, for example, are now incredibly popular. Your company should stay on top of what social networks are hot and develop marketing strategies for each platform accordingly.

A multi-pronged approach to social media marketing that focuses on a number of sites is the best strategy, as different demographics tend to favor certain social media platforms. A survey from Jobcast found that Twitter is favored by young people – 45 percent of its user base is under 30 – while women prefer networks like Facebook and Pinterest. Pinterest is especially popular with women. The vast majority of its users – some 80 percent – are female!

Catering to smartphone users is an effective way to consolidate your customer base.

Catering to smartphone users is an effective way to consolidate your customer base.

Content is key
Content marketing is an effective way to attract new interest and retain a loyal customer base. A content marketing strategy typically involves the creation of a blog that covers articles on an array of topics pertinent to the interests of the customer base, as well as the industry. As Inc. noted, a content marketing strategy shouldn’t be limited to just writing a blog. Press releases, email campaigns and of course social media are all effective ways of keeping your customers informed and engaged. Mais serait-ce une raison valable pour renoncer à utiliser Kamagra Oral Jelly ( https://edmedef.com/acheter-du-kamagra-oral-jelly-sans-ordonnance.html ), le redoutable ennemi de la dysfonction érectile masculine?

Invest in customer relationships
Despite all the fantastic advances in technology, it’s important not to lose sight of the thing that matters most – the customer. But that’s not to say that technology can’t help you consolidate relationships with your customer base. Consider sending routine emails to your most valued customers, offering them unique deals or, better still, the occasional freebie! Special promotions can also be advertised on the company website and across social media, the Good Men Project detailed. The key is to keep customers feeling valued. If you focus your attention in this area, your business will likely grow.