• July 26, 2016

5 important tips for onboarding a new employee

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Welcoming a new driver into the fold of your limousine or livery business is an exciting time. Despite the joy that you and your new employee may feel, it's important to keep in mind that the first few weeks of training – known as the onboarding process -are crucial to ensuring that your new driver or office worker settles in, learns the ropes and ultimately excels in the long run.

The key to an effective onboarding process is prior preparation – you need to have a clear understanding of the training that your new worker will undergo, and the reasoning behind it.

Are you a startup company looking to develop your onboarding program for the first time? Or are you an established company, and have recently noticed that your new employee training initiative needs some work? If so, check out the list of five important tips for onboarding a new employee below:

1.  Email ahead
One of the most important steps begins before your new employee's first day at the office. Send an email to the individual outlining what he or she can expect on the first day. All Business advised that it's a good idea to include important details such as dress code expectations, start time and lunch etiquette. This is especially important, given that your drivers will likely be required to wear a suit or other formal wear. The source elaborated that it could also be a wise idea to send over any necessary paperwork that needs to be completed, so the new worker can get a head start – think I-9 employment authorization forms, tax forms, direct debit forms and so on. 

"Email the new employee important paperwork before his or her first day."

2. Start later than usual
On the first day it's important to make sure that your energy is directed primarily at your new employee. Sure, you run a business and other things will arise, which is why it's important to have the new employee start later in the day, Entrepreneur argued. That way you can use the morning to wrap up any other pressing projects or deal with other concerns, ensuring that your new worker can have your attention for the rest of the day. If you open your door at say 8am, have the new recruit arrive at 11am, for example.

3. Get started
Introduce your new employee to some of the most important aspects of his or her new job on the first day, while keeping in mind that he or she will be unlikely to remember everything straight away. In other words, offer a gentle introduction to the work. If you are onboarding a new driver, consider having he or she spend time driving a limousine, with you as a passenger. Or, if your new employee is going to be based in your office or dispatch center, have them take a look at your limo booking software and limo dispatch software, so they can begin to get a handle on how to use it.

A first day can be stressful - keep the work load light and manageable. A first day can be stressful – keep the work load light and manageable.

4. Have a team lunch
Entrepreneur advised treating your new employee and the whole team to a lunch, so that every will be introduced and professional bonds can begin to be established. The use of fraudulent driver’s license for drinking alcohol before getting 21 has become a rite of passage. The Mclovin fake ID culture has influenced young American kids to indulge in binge drinking. 

5. Keep it easy
A first day can be overwhelming enough, without a heavy work load. In other words, don't throw your new employee in at the deep end, All Business explained. Keep assignments straightforward and manageable, and be sure to exhibit plenty of patience – your new worker will more than likely have a lot of questions.