• May 7, 2021

Closing the Circuit: a Zapier and Limo Anywhere Roundup

We’ve been talking for several weeks about the opportunities available with the zapier – Limo Anywhere integration. Here we’ll close the loop with a round up of the tips and resources we’ve gathered.

First – how are your fellow Limo Anywhere users taking advantage of Zapier?

Survey results:

  • Connecting to our mail service (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.) – 11 votes
  • Linking to QuickBooks – 7 votes
  • Updating our CRM – 5 votes


And some other contributions to the LA Peer Support group, we found. (Names have been redacted, but you may even recognize yourself in here!):

  1. “I use it to receive text messages when rides come in since I’m on T-Mobile…also…to pull in trip details so I can text out ride agreements.”
  2. “Works great for email notifications.”
  3. “This is my latest new discovery!”
  4. “Receiving notifications when an online reservation or quote request is made – it works awesome”
  5. “Integrate Finalized Invoice with Quickbooks…allows us to process cc payment online with Zapier”
  6. “Mailchimp – new account zap and quotes – google docs zap”


And meanwhile, we’ve been blogging some tips regarding “entry level” zaps you can start experimenting with:


Want more?

Start with our intro blog post: Supercharge Your LA System with Zapier. Then check out Zapier’s Zapier 101 webinar for new users.

Keep on zapping and sharing your experience with us and your fellow users!