• July 8, 2021

More July 2021 System Updates

  • Posted By: Limo Anywhere


  • Updated the Vehicle Type selection screen on PWA to not display the “No Image Found” when an image is not present for the Vehicle Type

When an image was not uploaded for a Vehicle Type we used to display “No Image”. Now we have updated that to not show that message.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where Waits were not included in routing on LA Net trips when transferred over to the affiliate

There was an issue where Wait(s) in routing were not being transferred over when farmed out to the affiliate via LA Net. These Wait(s) in routing are now being transferred and in the order they are at the time of transfer.

Note: Multiple PUs and DOs in routing being transferred over to the affiliate via LA Net is still an issue were are working to resolve.