• July 16, 2021

How the Limo Anywhere Passenger Web App Enhances Your Marketing

The Passenger Web App (PWA) provides your clients with a way to book rides, manage accounts, and track in-progress rides with status updates and driver GPS location – now the most important part is making sure that your clients are utilizing your new app. Let’s look at the best ways to promote PWA to your clients.

Custom Domains

The PWA can be accessed from any mobile browser with internet connection using pwa.mylimobiz.com/company_id, but you can also use a custom domain to improve your clients’ experience.

More than half of all website addresses end with .com, but as new technologies are being applied and niche markets are emerging, you can invest in a unique domain extension that best suits your business needs. For example, your PWA can direct to a website with online, .tech, .biz .limo, and .app as its domain extension.

Google Analytics and Ads

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the importance of including Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager in successful marketing efforts. These same efforts should be applied to marketing the PWA. If you are already launching regular Search and Display campaigns to your website, you will just need to ensure that goals are properly configured for the PWA. Goals will vary for each business; you will need to consider what you are expecting from your user when they’ve clicked the ad for your PWA.

Keyword research is also an important factor when it comes to marketing the PWA on Google successfully. It helps to identify users who are searching for the exact same product that you happen to be offering.

Social Media

It is important to engage your current and prospective clients on a number of channels, which includes your company’s social media. Here are just a few steps you can follow when marketing your app.

  • Creating and posting engaging content that links to your PWA
  • Encouraging your audience to participate in ongoing discussions
  • Organizing social media competitions and challenges
  • Offering exclusive promotions to the most active users
  • Identifying and including relevant hashtags within your posts
  • Or even creating a group to build a community around your topic

Email Marketing

Using your company’s newsletters and emails to help promote the PWA can help drive continued traffic to your app. This will also help you to capture corporate clients who may not engage as frequently with your social media content. You can also utilize segments and A/B Split Testing to see what aspects of the PWA your clients are more engaging to your client-base. For example, your corporate bookers might be more interested in tracking in-progress rides, whereas your retail clients might be more interested in having an easier way to book transportation.

If you have any questions about the PWA, please contact us at 888-888-0302 x2.