• September 2, 2021

Addressing Email Delivery Issues

Limo Anywhere users collectively send out an average of over 100,000 emails each day.  Over 99% of these are delivered to the end user with no problem. However, there are some issues where the email, despite being properly sent, is not received by the end user. In the event of email delivery issues, here is a step-by-step process for users to follow:

1) Confirm DNS Records Are Setup Correctly

When your business utilizes third parties to send email, whether that be Limo Anywhere or another third-party program that sends emails on your behalf (ex. MailChimp, Constant Contact, Salesforce, etc.), keeping SPF updated and correct across all outbound domains is an important task that needs attention. If the SPF Record is missing a sender or is misconfigured, your client’s receiving mail server or cloud-based email service (e.g., Gmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Office 365) may block the message from being delivered.

Below you will find a list of some ways to confirm how to update your SPF records for your particular email platform:

2) Request Domain Authentication

To set up domain authentication, you must submit a few DNS records (provided by Limo Anywhere) to your DNS or hosting provider (for example, GoDaddy, Hover, CloudFlare, etc.). First, figure out who your hosting provider is and if you have access. If you don’t have access to your DNS or hosting provider, you will need to determine who in your company has this access before you begin setting up domain authentication.

To request domain authentication**, please contact us at support@limoanywhere.com  and provide us with your domain name for authentication. We will then provide you with several CNAME DNS records which need to be added to your domain as mentioned above. Once added, the domain should be authenticated and Limo Anywhere will have express permission to send email on your behalf which should provide a more successful email delivery rate for your company.

**Note: this does not work with free email services

3) Determine Whether the Error is Related to the Client’s Email Server

Bounced or Dropped Emails

Bounced or dropped emails can be caused by a number of issues. Either the email address was unable to be found, in which case it may be incorrect, or the recipient’s email server was not able to accept the message. If you contact our Support with the specifics of the email which was not delivered, we can check and see if there is a reason provided for the delivery issue.

Emails Marked as SPAM

An email not delivered because it is flagged as SPAM is most often caused by the intended recipient at one time taking the step of designating an email from the sending company as SPAM, and by the SPAM or Junk Mail Settings in the recipient’s email utility.  This may have been done intentionally or in error by the intended recipient, but until that SPAM designation is removed by the recipient, any email sent will continue to be rejected as SPAM.  Occasionally a recipient may mark a marketing email as SPAM, and this causes actual transactional emails from the same company to also be marked as SPAM.

4) Whitelist Sending Email IP Addresses

For larger organizations, it might be easier to instruct your client to contact their IT department or email host to allow emails sent from Limo Anywhere’s sending IP address to be delivered to the recipient.

Here’s what you might say to your client:

“Communication is important to us, and we’d like you to be able to receive emails from our reservations system related to your account with us, such as confirmations, status updates, invoices, and receipts. To ensure these emails reach your inbox, please ask your IT department or email host to allow emails from the following IP addresses associated with Limo Anywhere:

Thank you for traveling with [My Amazing Chauffeured Car Service].”

As always, if you have questions or concerns related to email delivery or need further assistance, please reach out to Support at 1-888-888-0302 x2 or send an email to support@limoanywhere.com