• December 2, 2021

December 2021 System Updates

  • Posted By: Limo Anywhere


  • Implemented option to mask password when registering on New User Checkout in PWA

We added the option for Guest Users to mask their password if they opt to register at Checkout when using PWA to book reservations. Password can now be masked or unmasked at any point while it is being entered, to allow users to protect their privacy, as well as check the spelling of the password they are entering if needed.

  • Implemented indicators for fields required to save a reservation in LA Mobile

We added indicators to LA Mobile to clearly show if information needed to save a reservation is missing. If, upon attempting to save the reservation, some of the fields such as Pick Up Date, Time, Pick Up Location, or Payment Method are empty, those fields will be highlighted and pointed out. This allows users to clearly see which information needs to be added in order to successfully complete the booking.

Note: This feature will become available with the next LA Mobile update.

  • Added Basic and Advanced Account Search options to LA Mobile

There are now two ways to search for Accounts in LA Mobile, Basic and Advanced. Basic Search can be used to look accounts up by Account Name or Account Number, while Advanced Search accepts Phone Number and Company Name as search criteria as well. We have added the option for users to toggle between Basic and Advanced Search as needed, as well as the option to set their preferred search method as default. When using Advanced Search, the Account loading progress is indicated by the percentage displayed on the screen.

Note: This feature will become available with the next LA Mobile update.