Getting Started

We are proud to announce that the Square integration is here! You have the opportunity to be the first to try it out, use it day-to-day, and explore the new features it has to offer. Below you will find the instructions on connecting Square to your LA system. After setup is complete, you can capture and process credit cards through the Square gateway in LA. With Square, you can also email Payment Requests to your customers. Sending payment requests is a more secure way of capturing your credit card information and, in some cases, could help with situations like chargebacks and disputes. Instructions for sending payment requests are also included in this guide.

Important Information: If you do not have our Alias module and you already have an existing payment gateway, then you will need to delete that existing payment gateway and add Square as new gateway to correctly connect Limo Anywhere to Square.

If you need to add multiple payment gateways, then please contact our support team at 1-888-888-0302 or

How to add Square as a payment gateway

Adding Square as a payment gateway is different from our other integrated gateways, and you will have to connect directly with Square.

To add Square as your payment gateway:

  1. Go to ‘My Office
  2. Go to ‘Add-on Modules
  3. Click ‘Add Gateway
  4. Make sure Square is selected on “Type of Payment Gateway:”
  5. Click the button “Connect with Square”
  6. You will be redirected to Square, and you can enter your Square credentials.
  7. Once entered, then you will be redirected to LA, and Square is now connected.

If you have an Alias, please make sure you are setting the Gateway(s) for each Alias if needed to update.

Adding and Processing a New Credit Card on a Reservation for Square

If the Account on the Reservation does not have a Credit Card on file or you need to add a new credit card to process the payment for the Reservation:

  1. Open up the Reservation Payment Terminal for the Reservations – Note: If you have multiple gateways, select Square as the Gateway.
  2. Click ‘Add New Card‘ in the “Pay with” drop-down list
  3. Enter in the new Credit Card information
  4. Select what type of transaction you are processing (Authorize & Capture or Authorize)
  5. Click ‘Submit

Note: Once a Credit Card is added through Square, it is stored for future use. The card will be on the “Pay With” drop-down list. From there, select the card and charge when needed. Adding new and processing existing cards follows the same process for reservations and Invoices.

Using the Request Payment Feature for Square

The Request Payment feature for Square allows you to send out an email request to your customer to input and authorize their credit card payment information. This convenient feature is more secure than obtaining credit card information from the customer over the phone.

How to Send a Payment Request

In any Payment Terminal (Reservation, Invoice, or Account), in the “Pay with” drop-down select “Request a Payment”.

On the Request Payment form:

  1. Enter in the Name of the recipient
  2. Enter in their email address
  3. Select the type of transaction (Authorize & Capture or Authorize)
  4. Enter in Amount for transaction
  5. Click Send Payment Request

The recipient will receive a payment request email. The email they receive will include a link for them to click and enter in their Credit Card information on ORES. The payment form your customers will receive is shown below.


Your experience matters to us! If you encounter any issues while using the new Square integration, please let us know, as well as any other comments, questions, or concerns. If you are satisfied with your experience, we would like to hear about that too. Please send all of your feedback to our Product Team at Thank you!