Why should I choose Limo Anywhere over the competitors
Limo Anywhere isn’t satisfied with being the largest software platform in the limo industry or having the most complete feature set. Our mission is to offer features and benefits to our customers that no one else will.

Partnerships and integrations with the largest demand sources in the industry? Check. Free driver tracking? Check. Fully redundant disaster recovery site? Check. Affiliate marketplace? Check. Free access to the world’s first standards-compliant, quality-controlled affiliate network? Check. Partnerships with low-cost payment processors? Check. Fully staffed, 24-7 support team? Check. Open API access? Check. Oh, and 4,500 customers voted with their wallets that our software isn’t half bad, either.

What support resources are available to me?
The better question is what isn’t available? Once you join, you’ll be contacted by our on-boarding team, and led through our proprietary setup process. Not the “check the box” kind of setup process. Not the “we tried” kind of setup process. The “we-check-to-ensure-you’re-using-the-system-daily” kind of setup process.

Need more help? We run free, twice-a-day trainings that you can join whenever you like. Need help two years later on a tough software question? We field several hundred calls every day from people just like you. We aren’t just the industry leader in software features; our support team is redefining what customer support means in this industry.

How often do you release new features and updates?
We release updates every two weeks. Since our software is cloud-based, nothing is required from you to receive the updates. And of course, our updates are free.

What are the subscription terms?
We do not have contracts at Limo Anywhere, and your subscription is based on a flat monthly price. If you need to suspend or cancel your service, you are free to do so at any time, without penalty and without a fee for reactivation.

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