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Limo Anywhere is a complete reservation and account management system that was designed specifically for small to mid-size limo operators. It is now being used by over 2600 limo companies in over two dozen countries, some of the largest hotels and resorts in the world, Fortune 500 corporations and the U.S. Government.

Why is it such a big hit?
Run Your Business From Anywhere  
No Per-User Licensing Fees  
No Installation Required  
No Backup Or Maintenance Worries  
Real-Time Payment Processing  
Real-Time Flight Tracking  
E-Mail & Electronic Fax Confirmations  
Advanced Accounting & Reporting  
SMS/Email-to-Phone Dispatching  
Real-Time Online Reservation System  
Live Customer Rate Quotes  
Mobile Interface & Offline Data Backup  
Driver Console & Affiliate Calendar Access
Largest Software-to-Software Network  
Direct Integration with Limos.com  
Direct Integration with TranspoNet  
Multiple GPS Systems Integrations  
Extremely Intuitive Interface Design  
Superior Technical Support  
Open API for Third-Party Developers  
Seamless Integration With Your Website  
New Update Released Every Six To Eight Weeks  
Software Of Choice For Most Call Centers  
  How is it different from other software products?
  Unlike other products available on the market, Limo Anywhere is not just a software application. It is a set of tools that will help you run your business in a better, more efficient way.
  Limo Anywhere Automates
  It automates your workflow and reduces the margin of human error. Errors cost money and
sometimes customer accounts. In today's economy, you simply cannot afford to lose customers.
  Limo Anywhere Gives You Freedom
  It allows you to run your business from ANYWHERE. Check your availability schedule, respond to quote requests and accept online and farm-in reservations from your desktop, laptop or even your mobile phone.
  Limo Anywhere Adds Value
  It gives your customers the ability to book online, request price quotes and access historical data directly through your website.
  Limo Anywhere Connects You
  Limo Anywhere Network now connects nearly 2000 operators in 24 countries around the world. Grow your business by networking with other operators. Over $500,000 change hands on LANet every month and you could be part of that exchange.
  Limo Anywhere Makes You Look Good
  Most importantly, it makes you look like a million bucks without costing a fortune. Limo Anywhere offers one of the most affordable pricing structures. You can get started for as little as $499 and a very small monthly support & maintenance fee for the entire company!
Create A Free Custom Estimate
  Complete Limousine Reservation System
A complete reservation management system for your small to mid-size business. Manage customer accounts, reservations, email confirmations, print manifests, trip details and a lot more.
  Only: $499.00 (+$59/mo) Add to estimate:   
  Online Reservation Module
Allow your customers to book reservations directly from your website in real time! Store trip historical data, locations, credit cards & more. We'll even integrate it with your website at no additional cost!
  Only: $399.00 (+$19/mo†) Add to estimate:   
  Advanced Accounting Toolkit
Add more reporting capabilities to your Limo Anywhere system. Monthly recap, additional driver payroll and sales revenue reports. Email invoices with just a few mouse clicks.
  Only: $99.00 (+$2/mo) Add to estimate:   
  Real-time Payment Processing Module
Process payments in real-time  with our Payment Processing Module. Compatible with over five gateway providers like Authorize.net, Innovative, VeriSign, etc. (Provider setup fee is not included!)
  Only: $59.00 (+$2/mo) Add to estimate:   
  SMS/Text Messaging Module
Communicate with your drivers via SMS/Text Messaging. Dispatch trips directly to you or your driver's cell phone or two-way pager. Works with over 40 US & Canadian wireless providers.
  Only: $39.00(+$2/mo) Add to estimate:   
  Internet Fax Module
Send faxes directly from Limo Anywhere. Great way to send out confirmations, invoices and trip details to drivers, affiliates and customers. (Provider fee is not included!)
  Only: $29.00 Add to estimate:   
  Real-time Flight Tracking Module
Track flight and airport statuses directly from your system. View map of where the airplane is located, its estimated time of arrival and more. No other software application is required.
  Only: $29.00 (+$1/mo) Add to estimate:   
  Advanced Flight Tracking powered by FlightStats
Automatically verify flights at the point of reservation entry, track them in real time and update dispatch with real-time flight data every minute (or as updates take place). This module is different from our standard Flight Tracking Module, please ask your sales associate for details.
  Only: $35.00 (+$35/mo) Add to estimate:   
  Integrated Mapping Module
Access maps of a specific location with a single mouse click. Easy to navigate and view. Ten zoom levels.
  Only: $29.00 Add to estimate:   
  Instant Rate Lookup
Allow your prospective clients to lookup rates in real-time on your web site. Setup your own rate zones, prices and terms.
  Only: $59.00 Add to estimate:   
  Web Hosting
Get up to 500MB of disk space, unlimited email accounts, free web statistics, daily backups, 99.9% uptime guarantee!
  Only: $9.95/mo* Add to estimate:   
  Limo Anywhere Mobile
A truly mobile solution. Operate your Limo Anywhere software from your iPhone, iPad, Droid or any other mobile device (wireless provider fees may apply)
  Only: $149.00 (+$5/mo) Add to estimate:   
  Custom Trip Sheet, Confirmation & Invoice Module
This module allows you to customize any form in any way you like. You have full control over the layout and content.
  Only: $59.00 (+$5/mo) Add to estimate:   
  Scheduled Email Module
Send out prescheduled reminders, timed confirmations, past due notices and more.
  Only: $35.00 (+$35/mo) Add to estimate:   
  Company Alias Module
Do you operate under multiple corporate identities or DBAs? Then this module is exactly what you need. Create multiple company names and track reservations by their source, process payments using different payment gateways, etc.
  Only: $799.00 (+$25/mo) Add to estimate:   
  Transponet/Saturn Module
This module will allow you to electronically receive reservations from Saturn enabled systems (e.g. corporations, American Express Travel, etc.).
  Only: $699.00 (+$25/mo) Add to estimate:   
  Web Site Template
Stand out from the crowd with one of our state of the art website designs! Pick from one of the templates, or have us design one specifically for your company.
  Only: $699.00 Add to estimate:   
  Limo Anywhere LOCAL (read more)
Offline dispatch backup. This application will run silently in the background and automatically download your dispatch data onto your local PC.
  FREE Add to estimate:   
At NO COST and absolutely NO OBLIGATION to you our automated system will generate a custom estimate based on the components selected above. Please provide your information and click "Create Estimate" to view your results.
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