Client Spotlight: Kristie and Ken Carter, Aadvanced Limousine

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Client Spotlight—Aadvanced Limousines


Aadvanced Limousines is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. With a fleet ranging from MKTs and Suburbans to Sprinters, stretch limousines, and mini coaches, Aadvanced has the largest fleet of privately-owned black car service vehicles in the city.

Aadvanced began as a brother/sister team in 2005, starting with just one stretch Lincoln limousine, and now siblings Kristie Carter and Ken Carter have over 30 vehicles and more than 40 employees. They are located in the middle of Indianapolis, but they serve all of Indiana.

Company Philosophy

Aadvanced Limousine attributes its success to three things: reliability, professionalism, and dedication to the client’s experience.

Aadvanced Limousines and Limo Anywhere

Aadvanced has been a Limo Anywhere client since 2011.

Limo Anywhere Features

Not only is Limo Anywhere essential for every position at Aadvanced, it is also very affordable.

Using Limo Anywhere

Kristie Carter notes that everyone in the Aadvanced organization uses Limo Anywhere. While reservationists, dispatchers, and CSRs spend the most time in the software, it’s useful to everyone. Detailers and mechanics rely on the dispatch grid, while managers run reports, follow up with employees and clients, and track quality control in LA. xannonce Chauffeurs use a combination of the DriverAnywhere website and app as they go through their day.

Limo Anywhere Tips

Kristie suggests using LA software as it is designed from your initial set-up. Once you truly understand it, you will be able to customize it to your needs and specifications. You can add custom statuses, vehicle types, and service types that fit your business.

Kristie adds that if the software doesn’t do exactly what you want out of the box, there is almost certainly a workaround! If you don’t want to try to figure it out yourself, reach out to your LA representative or contact your colleagues on the Facebook group (

Thank you, Kristie Carter, Ken Carter, and Aadvanced Limousines! We love our Facebook users group and encourage everyone to participate.

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