Limo Anywhere System Updates!

We value our customers and consistently seek to meet their business needs. We understand the importance cyber technology and keeping up with innovation trends. There is nothing more important to us than providing a quality product. Image is everything! But it is also a reward awarded by merit! Lets take a look back at 2017 and some of the accomplishments to help better run your business.

Global search was expanded to include additional passengers

Several reports were added to assist with customer retention.

Online Reservation Widgets!

Ability to show multiple images of your vehicles when booking trips online

Hourly trips no longer require a pick up and drop off.

Child seat pricing can now be calculated with the Online Reservation System.

The Online Reservation Dashboard now provides trip status.

Below are some key enhancements released this week:

- Additional Airlines added to the LA System

  • La Compagnie - IATA Code: B0
  • Boutique Air - IATA Code: 4B, Code in FlightStats: BAI
  • NordStar Airlines - Code: TYA
  • Red Wings - Code: WZ
  • Globus - Code: GH
  • Quest Diagnostics - Code: LBQ
  • Eastern Air Lines - Code: EAL

- Updates to Existing Airline Names and Codes in the LA System

  • YL - Yamal Airlines - Code update to YC
  • 1I – Novail - Name update to NetJets Aviation
  • 2D- Alania Airlines - Name update to Dynamic Airways

- Additional Currencies added to the LA System

  • Add Nigerian naira - Code: NGN - Symbol: ₦
  • Add Moroccan dirham - Code: MAD - Symbol: DH

- Additional Airports added to the LA System

  • Richards Bay Airport - IATA code: RCB
  • Toowoomba Airport - IATA code: TWB
  • Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport - IATA code: WTB
  • Anaa Airport - IATA Code: AAA
  • Arrabury Airport - IATA Code: AAB

- Updates to existing Airport Names and Codes in the LA System

  • Update Name for PEK - Currently say PEK – Capital - Change to PEK - Beijing Capital International Airport
  • Update IATA Code for NZC - Cecil Field Airport - IATA Code is now VQQ
  • Update Name for NRT - Currently New Tokyo International Airport - Update to Tokyo Narita International Airport
  • Update Name for PVG - Currently Pudong International Airport - Update to Shanghai Pudong International Airport
  • Update Name for LGA - Currently La Guardia Airport - Update to LaGuardia Airport

- Minimum Mileage for Distance Based Pricing: for system users who choose to charge per mile or per kilometer, there is now an option to charge a minimum rate. For example, if a trip is less than a mile or kilometer long, there can now be a mandatory minimum amount, e.g. $100.00, to charge the customer/ passenger. Selecting the ideal fishing reel for your preferred fishing applications can be a little tricky, to say the least. If for no other reason, the variety available to the modern angler is bewildering. Discover our fishing reviews at Fishreeler . Understanding the different types of reels and their fishing applications can make things easier for the most part. Moreover, understanding reel types will ensure you make better reel choices. This leads you, ultimately, to more fish and pleasurable fishing experience.

- Online Reservation System (Ores 4.0) Update: It is now possible to tie a Rate Matrix to a Service Type!

- Extended credit card expiration date limit.

- Fixed issue with Quick Res Widget not looking up rates correctly

- Fixed issue with Company logo not loading on PDF and printable forms


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