March System Updates!


As we advance into a new season of Limo Anywhere products and user experience, we continuously strive to improve the general functionality of our software. We have listened to and documented a plethora of customer feedback from various online platforms and the recently concluded LCT Show. Your feedback is a primary focus for us and a vital component for the success of our business. And for this, we are immensely grateful.

Things to look out for this week:

What’s New?

  • Ores 4.0: will accept manually entered Credit Card Billing Address when the entered address cannot be verified.

Fixed Bugs

  • Time Label Manager now opens when clicked.
  • Bug that prevented users from editing trips that were imported via API on the dispatch screen is now fixed.
  • Updated database for numerous phone numbers that could not be validated.
  • Error Message "Bad Request" that displayed when a non-verifiable address was entered on a reservation has been removed.
  • Operator can now update trips on Limo Anywhere Mobile if a trip has a non-geocoded (non-verifiable) address.
  • Resolved the issue where browser alert could not be closed each a time a new credit card was mistyped in a reservation. This issue prevented users from further editing the reservation.
  • Unclogged the email queue from a cluster of emails in the email server.
  • Resolved the issue whereby Credit Cards that were added to Customer Accounts would not show up under “Use Existing Cards” when creating a reservation.


  • Users can now complete reservation on ORES with stored browser data.
  • Added FlightView back as an option to track flights from the dispatch.
  • Quick Res can now use distance based rates and verify addresses.
  • Payables module has new search filters.
  • For new operators of Limo Anywhere: Default settings where updated to reduce setup time and setup steps.

Coming Soon!

  • Coming in a few days: flight information can now be entered on Limo Anywhere Mobile


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