April System Updates


New Features:

  • Added “Service Type” to filters in the Scheduled Messaging Module. This filter allows scheduled messages to be sent based on a reservation's selected service type.
  • Added SMS blackout time to Scheduled SMS. Blackout times will prevent Scheduled SMS from sending out within the specified time frame. NOTE: If the message is scheduled to be sent during the blackout time, it will not send automatically send when the blackout time elapses. (In a future update, we will add the ability to send any messages triggered during this period at the end of the blackout time, rather than not at all.) With the Limo Anywhere app for Android tablets enables free access to every customer.


  • Added new tags for Custom Forms, Scheduled Messages, and Scheduled Emails
  • System Mapping drop down list can now exceed 20 Service Types.
  • Added P/O client Reference as a column on the "Create Invoices" screen in the Receivables section.
  • Added UZS currency for Uzbekistan.
  • Added JOD currency for Jordan.
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