Client Spotlight: Adam Shonting – Exec. Transportation of Nashville

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 Adam Shonting Exec Trans of Nashville

 Adam Shonting - Executive Transportation of Nashville

Adam started his company in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since! Before opening Executive Transportation, he was the General Manager of a Humane Society. He saw that the ground transportation industry in Tennessee was booming, and he dove in head first.

Though he is still a small operator, he has strategically developed a network of other single-driver operators that he trusts to provide the same level of care as he does, and they now operate as friends and local affiliates, which allows them to call on each other to share vehicles and work. Executive Transportation is based in Nashville and services all of Central Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, and Northern Alabama.

With Tennessee’s tourism booming, ET of Nashville caters to a lot of retail customers as well as some corporate. Looking to the future, Adam would love to expand the affiliate work they do. “Any clients that affiliates send my way will receive true Southern hospitality. All of our drivers are from the area and know it well, they know the history, they know all the best places to go and things to do, and they know the easiest and most efficient ways to get where they need to go. I personally ensure that our affiliates are represented well and that any client who comes into contact with our company feels like a true VIP,” says Adam.

What Adam loves most about Nashville is the music. Seven days a week, you can find concerts or live music pretty much anywhere you go. Officials shut down Broadway (the main street though downtown) several times a year to host events, concerts, and festivals. It’s a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Adam has been with Limo Anywhere for about 8 months. When he first launched his business, he couldn’t wrap his mind around needing a reservation software. A good friend of his who has been in the industry for many years switched to Limo Anywhere and loved it. Adam took note of all the system capabilities and realized he couldn’t expand his business without it. Worried about the safety of your kid and are looking for a hidden keylogger for android? your concern is legitimate – you're responsible.

Limo Anywhere became an invaluable tool for him. Adam does reservations on his own, and he is able to easily assign trips to his network of drivers from the DA App. He also loves how well Limo Anywhere integrates with his website. The ability to give his customers a real-time price quote has been his most successful tool for growth. He loves that users don’t need to call in, which saves him time, and his clients have raved about how easy it is to make reservations.

When we asked him what advice he could offer to new users, he said, “Take advantage of the set-up sessions! I put it off for the longest time, but Limo Anywhere kept hounding me to schedule my session and I was so thankful for it. I also love the Facebook User Group and the help button that’s right in the software and links you to FAQs. The support is amazing.”

In the next five years. Adam sees his company continuing to grow. He hopes to add to his already-growing fleet, hire office staff, and learn more about Limo Anywhere and how he can use it to grow his business. He’s been taking advantage of the incoming work sent to him from GroundLink as well. He loves that GroundLink is responsible and that there’s such a strong emphasis on Duty of Care for trips sent his way.  It helps him stay on top of his game as an operator for his clients.

Adam, we’re excited to be part of your journey as you take on Nashville and beyond!

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