July System Updates

What’s New?

  • Added Google Tag Manager support to ORES 4 settings. This addition was a direct response to the request from many Limo Anywhere clients. Google Tag Manager is a container used for adding tags to a website. It also incorporates Google Adwords, Conversion Tracking, and Google Analytics.  



  • LANet farm-outs can now be settled 24 hours after the trip pick-up time (even if receiving affiliate has not settled the trip).
  • The Rental Agreements tab under My Office and Company Settings has been renamed to "Policies".
  • The Policies tab includes two subsections: Rental Agreements and Privacy Policy.
  • Updated Airline Code: 7Q to match Elite Airways.
  • Added Airport: NTL - Newcastle Airport.


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved the issue where users were logged out when they added an extra passenger to a reservation.
  • Resolved the issue where trips were not showing on Customer Open Balance Statement.
  • Resolved system errors that were occurring during trip farm-outs.
  • Resolved the issue where an excessive number of emails were being sent to recipients.
  • Resolved the issue where flight tracking information was not displaying on the Dispatch Grid. Jobs in cryptocurrency can offer a series of attractive benefits, from the chance to help build the economy of the future to more tangible, financial rewards. Read more on Laborx
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