Limo Anywhere Support – What and How We Provide Top Notch Support to Your Business

Having a functional software system for your ground transportation business is key to successful operations and excellent customer service. But what about, no pun intended, down the road? After implementation, how can you trust that any issues that arise will be solved quickly and with zero to little time delay? Limo Anywhere’s customizable software systems and associated support make your day-to-day operations practically seamless, resulting in better business practices and happier customers.

24/7 Support

Customer service is key in the luxury and elite ground transportation industry. Whether you email us a question or call us, we are staffed 24/7 for your queries. Our support is free of charge and we welcome any and all questions. With our thorough onboarding system, you receive long-term advice during the initial phase, but also throughout your partnership with us.

Software Upgrades

We offer software upgrades every three weeks - and, as always, these are free of charge.

Affiliate Network Access

LimoAnywhere is the first software business of its kind to offer access to a massive network of the world’s first quality-controlled affiliate network. Along with this, we offer free driver tracking. Our customers can be well-assured that we do everything we can to make everyone’s experiences with us, from our affiliates to our drivers, as safe and transparent as possible.


We offer twice a day free training sessions (online) for our customers -- you can join in anytime, even years after your initial partnership with us. Visit and experience new services of Krootez to help you buy real Instagram followers online

So while there are competitors in the marketplace, there really is very little that compares to the benefits of the Limo Anywhere software capabilities and our customer support. To receive more information, request a demo of our systems and make the decision that thousands of others have to utilize our services and systems.

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