Three Characteristics of a Good Affiliate

It is easy to rely on our relationships and even the several limousine industry Facebook groups to select an affiliate, but how can we determine if an affiliate is truly a good affiliate? We would like to suggest the following three characteristics we have seen that are consistent with good affiliates.

  1. They are focused on service. That one seems pretty obvious, right? But what if your opinion of service is different from theirs? For one company, service may mean a spot time of 15 minutes prior to scheduled pick-up, a vehicle that has been washed that day and detailed between runs, a quiet trip provided to the passenger, and a bill sent immediately at the conclusion of the trip. An affiliate has two customers: the passenger and the company requesting the service. Strong service provided to both is important. For another company, service may mean showing up on-time, or as close to it as possible, a vehicle that was last washed and detailed over the weekend, and a chauffeur who is trying to sell the passenger his mixtape. While expectations change company to company, reviews are generally a good indicator of service. Check Facebook, Google, Yelp and Trip Advisor to see how the service is perceived by the end users. Make sure that new friend you just met at the show or that name you solicited off a Facebook group really provides service in the way your company expects it.
  2. They communicate issues real time. The worst issue you will face is the unexpected one. Things will go wrong in the transportation industry. That is a fact. How they are handled once they go wrong will set you apart or make your issue worse. Some affiliates try to hide errors from their partners—this is not the behavior of a good affiliate. A good affiliate will notify you when there is an issue, telling you the full truth of the situation, and offering to make the situation right financially, when appropriate.
  3. They tell the truth. Are you okay with your trip being double-farmed without your knowledge? Most companies aren’t, and yet this practice happens often anyway. Many companies will tell you they have vehicles they don’t have, and more will tell you they have capacity they don’t have. They know they can just source another provider for the job and make some money in the meantime. That is a violation of nearly every affiliate agreement, and yet it happens on a daily basis. Are you okay with two of your trips combined into one vehicle, while you are charged for two services? Of course not, but this happens more than you think as well. Between unreported incidents, unapproved double-farming, and rate and billing half-truths, there are many ways an affiliate can lie to you. If you catch them in a lie, you can assume you didn’t catch them in their first lie. Seek out truthful partners who honor your company, your clients, and the work you send them.

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