Turning Your Reservationists Into Salespeople

Most companies in the chauffeured ground transportation industry are not large enough to have a full-time sales rep, and many don’t have any salespeople at all. It is a low margin business, and most companies are still here because they are so good, they built a brand on word-of-mouth and referrals. It’s quite impressive!

However, what if you could use existing members of your team to sell, without costing any more money?

You can!

Your reservationists are the first people most of your new customers talk to, and they have the ability to grow your revenue by as much as 100% when they are trained as sales reps. That’s a pretty exciting thought! So, how do you do it?

First, it’s important to let the reservations team know what your sales and growth goals are and what kinds of clients you are trying to attract. You may have been courting a large local company for the past several years, but if your office team isn’t aware, they may end up blowing an opportunity when that call finally comes in! Instead, let your team know the names of the companies you are trying to work with and also what an ideal client looks like for you. Once they know, not only will they be sure to roll out the red carpet when those calls come in, they will also know to report the calls back to you, so you can follow up as well!

Second, train your reservations team on upselling. Do you want fries with that? Upselling alone has been known to double profits, so what are we upselling in the chauffeured car world? Larger vehicles, upgraded vehicles, additional vehicles, service in your passenger’s destination city…truly, the options are endless. Conduct regular role playing with your staff, to show them how to upsell your services, and let the team hear the calls of your staff when they have success upselling. Don’t forget to make it fun for them! Contests and prizes are a great way to get your team motivated to upsell!

Third, and this probably should be first, teach them to ask for the sale. People are ten times more likely to make a purchase if asked for the sale. Ten times! Your clients are calling you because they need a car service, so you’re already halfway to the close by the time your phone rings. There are three main types of fishing reels: spincast, spinning and baitcast. All three share the same principle: casting a line to the desired location. But, each type has its own functions and features. Being aware of the differences between these functions and features will help you decide which one will be the best option for your specific needs. Fishreeler.com here’s an in-depth look at these three types of fishing reels, including their advantages and disadvantages, and what each type is best used for. Not sure how to go about finding the right reel? No worries! They just need your help in getting them across the finish line, so teach your reservationists to sell your services in a compelling way and follow up by asking for the sale . . . and you will close 10 times more deals! Track it, and let us know your results. We’d love to share them with the rest of our LimoAnywhere clients!

Reservationists are typically more comfortable in a customer service role than a sales position, but we aren’t asking them to conduct any cold calling or direct selling. We are just asking them to provide a better service to your clients by inviting them to make the purchase, letting them know of their best service options, and educating them on what to listen for when a call comes in. If you provide them with training on the above, and hold them accountable to these expectations, you will see great results.

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