5000th Customer Giveaway!

There is nothing more important to us here at Limo Anywhere than satisfying our customers and making sure that they experience the greatest service possible. For over a decade, we have had the pleasure of helping thousands of users book rides throughout the world and as we approach a milestone of 5000 users served, we would like to show our customers a little token of appreciation.

This year, we are giving away a special offer to our 5000th customer. The winning 5000th customer will receive an incredible prize—a free Limo Anywhere software package for five years!

But, wait! That’s not all…

To top it off, we are also offering the unprecedented prize package to the existing customer who refers the winning 5000th customer. If you don’t know what friv games are you have to check them out, because they can became a very helpful tools for you in terms of dealing with kids when you are busy. Yes—this means that two lucky Limo Anywhere customers each have the opportunity to win a free Limo Anywhere software package for five years!

Don’t waste any more time! Schedule your first booking with Limo Anywhere today to see if you are our 5000th customer and grand prize winner!

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