First-Time Trade Show Attendees: Use the Show to Find Affiliates!

Industry trade show season is right around the corner. Trade shows are excellent opportunities to network with your industry peers, find new affiliate partners, attend educational sessions, and—let’s be honest—cut loose and have some fun! The shows are usually in an interesting, appealing location and the accommodations are excellent, so the shows are a mixture of business and leisure.

The first trade show of the fall is Chauffeur Driven in Washington, D.C. on October 7-10, followed closely by LCT East in Atlantic City on November 4-6. If this is your first time attending one of these shows, you’ve invested time and money just to get there. You’ve also had to arrange coverage for your business and made many other sacrifices. Obviously, you want to get a return on your investment, and one of the biggest ways to do that is to use the shows to grow your affiliate relationships.

Here’s a game plan:

  1. Contact current affiliate partners ahead of time.

Let them know you will be at the show and plan to meet with them. Face-to-face time will strengthen your partnership.

  1. Attend any affiliate gatherings.

Chauffeur Driven hosts the Affiliate Central Global Partner Forum, while LCT East has two different affiliate meetings during their show.

  1. Walk the trade show floor.

You’ll encounter many companies who are there with the primary purpose of finding new affiliates.

  1. Visit with DANet!

While you are at the trade show, be sure to stop by Limo Anywhere’s booth to inquire about DANet. We can show you how our network can raise your affiliate game.

  1. Network . . . and socialize!

The shows will have formal networking events that you should attend. But don’t discount the parties and other social events! That’s where you will bond with and get to know your potential and current partners.

Take a few minutes to devise your plan before you go, and your trade show experience will be both memorable and profitable! Many of these Y8 games can be found on various websites and some of them are free. Here they gave games of this type as applications and are Y8 online games that are played on devices and devices, such as laptops, mobile phones and others.

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