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At Limo Anywhere, we like to keep in close contact with our clients. We visit their workplaces, meet up with them at trade shows, give out our direct phone lines, and interact with them on social media. We truly believe that we offer the best ground transportation software available, and we love hearing how Limo Anywhere is helping our clients succeed. Over and over, they tell us that they value our products for these reasons:


We keep LA affordable and financially effective because we want to serve the smaller and newer operators as well as the big, established companies. We don’t want price to be an obstacle. Customer Dave Uziel points to LA’s value: “It is a platform that can be accessed around the world at 1/4 of the cost of other software programs. We get a lot of good tools that make our business shine.”


Affordability does not mean cutting corners—we are constantly improving and expanding what Limo Anywhere can do. We know our customers rely on us, and we work hard to make sure LA supports every facet of their business. Reggie from R&H Trans has been a client for ten years, and he says, “Together we are able to provide world-class ground transportation to thousands. Your company has developed a reputation of the highest standards in the industry.”

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We strive to make using LA’s products a seamless experience for everyone from dispatchers to chauffeurs to managers to customers. We continue to come out with new products and new capabilities. It’s our goal to make running your business easier and more profitable.

Ali B. Zanjani of Royalty Limousine Inc. is a newer client: "I'm so happy that I signed up with Limo Anywhere. You guys make my life so much easier! I'm able to book rides while I'm out on a run and easily send them a confirmation. This has been the best thing for me and my company."

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Customer Service

Our clients are our top priority, so it’s our intention to provide best-in-class customer service. That’s why we make ourselves transparent and accessible. In turn, our clients are then able to provide superior care to their own customers. Sylvester Henry of Elated Transportation reported, "I love the service – it’s the best I've ever seen, and I will be keeping it for a long time. Great job all!” https://instalikesfast.com/buy-likes-on-instagram/

We regularly publish updates and other resourses here: Support Page
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Limo Anywhere also offers 24/7 support via phone and email.


See for yourself why we're the most trusted software provider in the industry. Call us today at 888-888-0302 for more information or to sign up.

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