Limo Anywhere and Crown Limousine—Using LA in L.A.

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Crown Limousine L.A. has been providing ground transportation services to Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura Counties since 1994. They pride themselves on offering quality vehicles at an affordable price. Crown may not be the least expensive operator, but they provide an excellent experience to every customer.

David Navon opened Crown Limousine in 1994 after some time spent selling high-risk auto insurance. He had recently gotten engaged, and while his future wife was making most of the arrangements, she asked him to handle the limo. Instead of making a reservation, David purchased a limousine for his wedding. After the wedding, he started driving the limousine in his spare time as a second job, and when the insurance industry began to struggle, he decided to work his limo business full time. He started Crown with his wedding limo and one sedan. David experienced strong growth and developed a first-rate reputation, earning an A+ rating from the BBB and 5 stars with Yelp.

Crown prioritizes quality over quantity. The company has sedans to charters and everything in between. Their full fleet can be viewed HERE. Crown also has tight relations with local affiliates and has steady access to many vehicles not listed on their fleet page.

Los Angeles may be famous for its terrible traffic, but Crown is able to cover all of L.A. county and doesn’t mind going further. With two offices—one in L.A. and another in Camarillo—they are able service a wide range of locations.

Crown Limousine and Limo Anywhere

David says Crown has been a Limo Anywhere customer for about five years. Reservations and dispatch rely on it heavily. In fact, before LA, they were using paper trip slips on a cork board! The transition to an online system was smooth. With Crown’s CAO Khanittha leading the way, she was able to manually set up the entire Limo Anywhere system! The only “issue” was Crown’s COO, Marc, who was very resistant to this change and was still using their paper system. Recognizing this, David and the team waited until Marc was on vacation before going completely paperless. Upon Marc’s return, there was some push-back – but we’re happy to report that Marc has since fully mastered and embraced Limo Anywhere and wouldn’t want it any other way.

Limo Anywhere also allows Crown to remain in control. According to David, one of the best things about LA is its versatility. He has an office set up in his house, and with Limo Anywhere, he can fully work from home. He can access the software from a tablet, phone, or computer. David loves LA, especially its checks and balances.

As a word of advice, David suggests encouraging staff to embrace the change if your company is switching or considering a switch to Limo Anywhere. He says, “The change is so positive and saves so much time. Efficiency is the key to this industry.”

Why Crown?

  1. Their reputation is in the top three of all of Los Angeles livery companies on online review sites. They take pride in what they do.
  2. Crown offers personalized service—they are not tiny, but they are not huge.
  3. They take complaints seriously. Negativity spreads faster and further, so Crown wants their best foot forward always, whether they are representing their own brand or that of their affiliates.

Thank you, David and Crown Limousine LA! We are honored to be part of your journey.

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