The Upside of Uptime

In today’s always-on, ever-connected world, we all rely on our technology: our WiFi, our networks, and our software. When we find ourselves in a place with spotty internet or when work trucks cut our cables, our careful plans are thrown off course and we scramble for alternate solutions. That’s why it’s essential to use providers with superior, reliable uptime.

Limo Anywhere is proud to maintain an uptime percentage of 99.5%. Uptime is simply the percentage of time a system is operational in a given year. 99.5% sounds great—and it is—but what does that mean in real hours and minutes? This calculator breaks it down:

99.5 % uptime/availability gives the following periods of potential downtime:

  • Daily: 7m 12s
  • Weekly: 50m 24s
  • Monthly: 3h 39m 8s
  • Yearly: 1d 19h 49m 44s

The rule of thumb for routine hardware maintenance is 45 minutes per month, which correlates with the expected 43 minutes of downtime expected in 99.5% uptime. That’s why major providers such as Gmail/Google Apps, Verizon, and AT&T Business aim for 99.5% uptime as well. Browse and download apps to your iPad , iPhone from the App Store.

Limo Anywhere is proud to provide this level of availability to our clients. We know that any downtime can be an inconvenience, so we continue to invest in efforts to raise that 99.5% even higher.

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