Client Spotlight: Prime Limo & Car Service

Editor’s Note: Client Spotlight is a recurring feature on our blog. In it, you will meet fellow operators, learn about their business, and gain valuable insights into using Limo Anywhere to its fullest capacity.

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In early 2011, Shawn Dolani was a student at the University of North Texas who was determined to start a business without any loans or investors. He owned a classic black Lincoln Town Car limo and  spent his weekends driving the one stretch limo he had. Within a short amount of time, Prime Limo expanded into Prime Limo & Car Service with the addition of luxury sedans, SUVs, sprinters, transits, mini buses, and mini coaches.

Dolani has put all his efforts into growing the business with the assistance of a larger fleet, an array of chauffeurs, and a reservation/dispatch team. He wanted to run an honest, service-oriented company that provided the best possible service with a newer fleet, friendly reservation specialists, and professional chauffeurs. No expense was spared, no corners were cut. It was simple: great service = happy returning customers.

Today, Prime Limo & Car Service is ranked as one of the top limo and car service companies in Dallas, with forty vehicles, several full-time office staff, and plentiful chauffeurs. In seven short years, Prime Limo has built a great reputation in the community, serving thousands of customers all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area and across the nation.

Prime Limo and Limo Anywhere

When Dolani first started, he entered everything in an Excel spreadsheet. A Limo Anywhere salesperson contacted him, and convinced Dolani that LA would change the way he operated in the best way possible.  Since Day 1, not a single day has gone by that he hasn’t used the software. Dolani loves how LA is continually growing and progressing; he says it “blows his mind” how much LA has updated and changed since his starting days.

Using Limo Anywhere

Prime Limo’s staff members use Limo Anywhere’s software to its fullest capacity. Scheduled SMS and emails are used constantly. Dispatchers love that the dispatch screen tells them everything they need to know about the schedule all on one page- one glance, and it’s easily identifiable which chauffeur is driving which car, or which trip needs attention due to color-coordinated real time status updates. Dolani also appreciates the robust reporting capabilities LA offers.

Dolani mentions that Limo Anywhere makes working with affiliates simple and uncomplicated. Prime has developed five affiliate emails that are automated with a picture of the chauffeur, the chauffeur’s name, vehicle, license plate, and time stamps. 80% of Prime’s affiliates are on LA, so they can see each other’s check-ins. Automation helps with corporate clients as well-one of Prime’s corporate clients prefers to receive texts when clients get in the car, and LA automates this.

Donali says that his favorite part of Limo Anywhere is its affiliate network LANet. He explains that LA “makes it so easy and reduces or eliminates mistakes that can happen. When we’re sending info to a non-LA user, we have to send a trip sheet; they have to enter it in, then Prime Limo has to double check, and there are almost always errors.”

LA Hacks

Dolani recommends that Limo Anywhere users go through the training segments online. “Once you learn it, you will love it. You can customize a lot of things.” He notes that many users don’t know the full range of LA’s capabilities—it has all the resources users need.

Thank you, Shawn and Prime Limo & Car Service! We are honored to be part of your journey.

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