• December 17, 2018

Manifest Backups—A Fail-Safe During Downtime

One way to reduce work stress is to build in redundancies. Don’t rely on one method or system for critical components of your business. Make sure your phone calendar syncs with your desktop calendar. Back up your data on hard drives and the cloud. And set up manifest backups in your Limo Anywhere account.

Limo Anywhere has an impressive uptime rate of 99.9%. Any system, however, will experience occasional downtime. To avoid confusion, you can set up Limo Anywhere to automatically email you your manifest, which you can use to dispatch.

Users can set this up under My Office>Messaging & Template Settings>Email Res Manifest tab.

You can set how often you would like to receive these alerts and add up to three email addresses to receive the manifest. The convenience and choice of companies selling ammunition online has to be good news for all shooters. There is no doubt that ease of shopping and the keen pricing offered, make such purchases very attractive indeed. The only real challenge with buying your bullets in this manner is finding a reliable, reputable source. We hope to help you with that by listing the 10 best place to buy ammo online We will also advise you on what to look out for and what to be aware of when purchasing. lease bear with us. We may well be stating the obvious, but feel it is important to reiterate the benefits of buying ammo online.

Check out our YouTube video for more detail, or call us at 888-888-0302, option 2, and we’ll walk you through setting up your manifest emails. Our top priority is equipping you to be successful.