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Limo Anywhere Academy: As technology has expanded into all facets of our daily lives, it has also integrated itself into the way we travel. With technological advancements changing the look of modern industries everywhere, many companies within the ground transportation industry have struggled to use new technology to their benefit, which in-turn, limits their growth. Through Limo Anywhere, black car operators have access to our preeminent software solution, enabling them to develop their businesses for the modern age, while also increasing their customer bases.

At Limo Anywhere, we strive to help you bring your business to the next level. To show our commitment to our customers, in the fall of 2019, we will be hosting our inaugural Limo Anywhere Academy. During the 2 day training session, our software users will be able to partake in valuable business improvement sessions from leaders in the industry.

The event will bring together professionals all throughout the ground transportation field, providing a space for them to network, as well as special engagement opportunities with Limo Anywhere partners. Attendees for Limo Anywhere Academy will receive extensive, hands-on training on how to set up their rates, which will help to maximize their profit margins. They will also have the chance to learn how to turn their website into a reservations engine, giving companies an advantage over other operators by streamlining their businesses with our booking, scheduling, dispatch, and reservation management system.

Don’t waste your time and resources reinventing the wheel when Limo Anywhere can provide you with the software capabilities and support needed for success. In almost 15 years, with the help of the best set of customers, employees, and partners we could ask for, Limo Anywhere has grown to serve nearly 5,000 customers across the globe—and now we want to help you! Here at Limo Anywhere, we know that great software combined with large, powerful, networks helps operators to build their businesses in ways they barely could have imagined before joining us. Our growing suite of cloud-based and mobile solutions, combined with an unprecedented level of network connectivity, is changing the way this industry operates at large.

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