The Flight Information Funnel

With the majority of many operators' trips being airport transfers, accurate flight information is crucial to ground transportation providers. The airline industry is massive and complex, so communicating that information is challenging. Understanding how this information is disseminated can be helpful for Limo Anywhere users.

Since 2014, there have been more than 100,000 scheduled passenger flights globally each day. Every airline uses a system to gather flight information (FLIFO) based on data from the departure airport, aircraft in service, and the arrival airport. This is the native flight information owned by the airline. It is usually what you will see when you go to an airline’s website for flight status information.

The vast majority of airlines allow their FLIFO to be subscribed to by services such as Flight Stats, Flight Aware, or Flighview. These services take the raw data feed they get from airlines and format it to display on their services.

The final step in this process is when a platform like Limo Anywhere subscribes to one of the flight information services, such as we do with Flight Stats. We then integrate the data Flight Stats has, display it, and take actions in our system. When everything in this chain of data transfers and reformations occurs perfectly--which it almost always does--accurate data is displayed to the end user. However, with 100,000+ daily flights and all the data transfers, there are opportunities for failure. For our part, we log any discrepancies with our vendor Flight Stats. Limo Anywhere's goal is a perfect outcome every time.

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