Don\’t Take the Bait!

Limo Anywhere is committed to client data security, and we want your information to stay safe online. Unfortunately, unscrupulous groups are increasingly more creative in their attempts to defraud the public.

Staying informed about potential internet scams is important for business owners, employees, and clients. Phishing continues to be a common internet fraud technique, with 76% of businesses reporting that they have been victims of phishing attempts.

What Is Phishing?

Phishing is a scam that uses fraudulent emails or texts or copycat websites to get you to share valuable personal information like account numbers, Social Security numbers, or your login IDs and passwords.

Phishing Methods

Scammers spoof the familiar, trusted logos or URLs of established, legitimate companies. Companies both big and small are subject to phishing attacks. For example, scams targeting Apple and Amazon customers have been in the news over the last couple of months.

How to Prevent Phishing Attacks

To protect yourself from phishing attacks, follow these tips.

    1. Install and update your security and anti-virus software.
    2. Protect your financial information. Virtually no reputable companies will ask you for your credit card or banking information via an email or a text message. Only provide that information directly on their secure website.
    3. Don’t open attachments from an unknown source.
    4. Read carefully. Look for misspelled words in the copy or the URL, and be sure that the URL of a U.S. company doesn’t have the extension of another country.
  1. Trust your gut. If something feels off, stop and verify it with the company it appears to have come from.


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