2019 International LCT Show

From March 24th to 27th, Limo Anywhere and DANet will be at booth #412 at the 35th International LCT Show.

Join us in Las Vegas, as we attend the world’s largest convention for the luxury charter transportation industry. Take advantage of the opportunities at ILCT and interact with attendees from over 40 different countries, with scheduled keynote speakers, educational sessions, and networking events.

Join our first in-event educational sessions at booth# 412 to learn more about diversifying your fleet, streamlining your business, managing your financial reporting, increasing your revenue, and much more!

Here's a look at our schedule:

Monday, March 25th
4:15PM - Ratess, Tips, & Tricks
4:45PM - AddOns.LA
5:15PM - The New Reporting and Analytics Module
5:45PM - DANet
Tuesday, March 26th
12:15PM - Distance Based Rates
12:45PM - AddOns.LA
1:15PM - The New Reporting & Analytics Module
1:45PM - DANet
2:15PM - Setting Up ORES 4.5
2:45PM Century Business Solutions
3:15PM The New Driver Anywhere App
3:45PM - AddOns.LA
4:15PM - How To Get Started?
Wednesday, March 27th
10:15AM - The New Driver Anywhere App
10:45AM - AddOns.LA
11:15AM - Customer Application OnlineModule
11:45AM - DANet
12:15PM - Rates, Tips, & Tricks
1:15PM - The New Reporting & Analytics Module



Register for the conference: https://www.lctshow.com/register/register

View the full conference agenda: https://www.lctshow.com/schedule/schedule

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