An Update on Limo Anywhere Upgrades

At Limo Anywhere, we are constantly working to make our livery software the best it can possibly be. The improvements we make are significantly informed by interaction with our clients. We want to do whatever we can to make it easier to run your business.

Over the past week, you may have noticed some changes to settling, reservations, and invoices. These changes are necessary as we continue to improve Limo Anywhere and make it more responsive for you. We will continue to inform you of the changes to come over the next couple of months as well.

In order to minimize any confusion, we wanted to give you a brief overview of the current process of settling and invoicing as well as what we are planning for the future.


Settling a trip means that the trip is finalized and no other changes or updates need to be made. You have checked to see that the rate, driver payroll, affiliate pay, and agent pay are correct. Additionally, you have already received payment or will invoice the trip for future payment. You cannot settle a trip unless the Total Due is $0.00 or the Payment Method on the trip is Direct/Bill Invoice.

Once a trip is settled, you must reopen the trip in order to make any changes or updates. This is a safety feature to ensure that no incorrect changes are made and that any updates will be recorded properly in LA.


If you are invoicing a trip, the Payment Method must be Direct Bill/Invoice. You can invoice a trip whether it is settled or unsettled. Sometimes a trip may need to be invoiced before it is completed, and you do have that capability.

Once a trip is invoiced, you will be able to reopen that trip, make any updates, and re-settle the trip as necessary. Note: we have received some reports of clients who are not able to reopen the trip on an invoice, and we are addressing this issue.

If the invoice is all set and there are no more trips to add or remove, you can finalize the invoice, which means that it is ready to send to the customer/affiliate for payment. If you ever need to add or remove trips, you can unfinalize the invoice to do so.

Upcoming Improvements

The feedback and suggestions we get from our clients are invaluable to us as we make upgrades to our system. The changes below are in response to requests from many Limo Anywhere operators, and we believe they will enable you to better serve your own customers.

One of the improvements we will be making is to invoice payments. Once you receive payment on an invoice, you will be able apply that payment.

Another improvement you will soon see is to account credits. You will now manage account credits in the actual account instead of in Receivables. Limo Anywhere will keep an account balance of payments made on reservations and invoices, so if customers overpay, the overpayment will be added to their credits.

These are some of the features that we are improving based on your feedback. If you have any questions regarding these improvements, we are more than happy to address them with you. As always, we welcome your continued feedback. Our engaged customers are the reason Limo Anywhere is constantly improving.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email or call us at 888-888-0302, option 2.


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