Custom Statuses

There are many ways that you can customize your Limo Anywhere system, but one of the easiest and most useful is found under MY OFFICE, in System Settings. Once you navigate to this area, by default you will land on the Service Types page. Here you can see a list of the standard options that come preloaded in the system. Although these cover fundamental service offerings that are common in the industry, there are benefits to adding your own market-based options that are specific to your business.

One such option is for airport-specific service types. If your company provides transportation to two local airports, for example, it would result in much better reporting if there were Arrival and Departure options set up for each of them. When looking at your Sales Revenue Report, you can then track both inbound and outbound reservations and, in turn, train your staff accordingly to make sure that you are capturing round trips.

Another way you can use custom statuses is to manage your affiliate work. Some users use Farm Out and Farm In for local affiliates and create Partner Network statuses for out-of-area work. Partner Network Reservation can indicate that the trip is going to be an out-of-area affiliate, but the partner hasn’t been selected yet. Partner Network Assigned means the affiliate has been chosen and the trip sheet has been sent over, and Partner Network Confirmed means the trip is confirmed and verified.

If your business offers wine tours or holiday lights tours, consider setting up a service type to accurately track this specialty work. If you provide transportation for medical appointments, school outings, or established shuttle service, be sure to set up service types for these as well. Consider the services that your company currently provides and think about where there are opportunities to expand. Weddings, funerals, graduations, and church events are just few ideas. You can allow any custom service types to be listed on your website, so subsequently your clients will be able to see and book them as well.

Once you have established all of your custom service offerings, you can then begin marketing them. Use your imagination and expand your business model to include new service types that will increase your bottom line.

For help with managing and customizing statuses, please refer to this article.

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