Upgraded Invoicing Features

Invoicing is one of the most important parts of your business, and Limo Anywhere is committed to developing easier and more flexible ways for you to receive payments. We have some updates on the horizon that will improve the capabilities of your billing department.

New Tabs and Statuses

Currently, you find invoices under the Outstanding Invoices tab. In the future, you will see two separate tabs: Invoices and Closed Invoices.

Invoices will now have three possible statuses: Created, Finalized, and Closed. Created and Finalized will function essentially as they do now. Finalized is the status you will choose when you do not plan to add any more information but before you send it off to be paid. Created and Finalized invoices will be found in the Invoices tab.

The new Closed status means that the invoice has been paid in full and the no further changes will be made. It also means that any overpayments will be calculated and added as usable credits to the account. These credits can be used to pay other invoices. Naturally, Closed invoices will be found in the Closed Invoices tab.

Invoice Tab

This tab allows you to easily see the current status of your invoices. You can batch finalize/unfinalize invoices and close invoices all at once. You can collect payment separately for your invoices and still close them all at once, saving you lots of time and clicks.

Invoicing Workflow

 These changes will result in this typical workflow:

  1. Create invoice
  2. Trips are added to invoice
  3. Invoice is Finalized and emailed to client
  4. Payment is received and applied to invoice
  5. Invoice is Closed

Next Steps

Our next upgrade will be attaching the finalizing of an invoice to the actual bill date of the invoice. You’ll be able to finalize invoices for many different customers at once, and emails containing the invoices will be dispatched to your customers instantly. Those customers will be able to log on to ORES or another portal to pay their own bills. When the bills are paid and processed through your gateway, the status will be updated in Limo Anywhere. All you have to do is close the invoices.

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