Getting Out the Vote

Do you ever wish you had more say in the features of your favorite products? It would be great to suggest a new ice cream flavor to Blue Bell or get that app you use all the time to use predictive text. Usually the chances of influencing a big corporation are low. But at Limo Anywhere, we actively request, gather, and implement your feedback. One of the most effective ways we do this is through our feedback portal.

On the portal, you can submit ideas and suggestions you have for any Limo Anywhere product. Other LA customers can read your proposal and vote for it if they agree. Limo Anywhere is then able to see if your request is something that would benefit a significant number of users or improve capabilities in a meaningful way. Here are some of the most popular suggestions currently under consideration:

  • Adding alerts to different areas of the software, such as ones that notify when a client’s credit card is expiring soon or when a chauffeur’s driver’s license needs to be renewed.
  • Adding the ability to set an affiliate rate matrix for an affiliate and the ability to look up the affiliate's rates when farming out a trip
  • Sending emails to additional passengers manually via Email/Fax window or setting scheduled emails/SMS to additional passengers

When you vote, you can choose from “nice to have,” “important,” or “critical,” which helps Limo Anywhere prioritize any changes.

On the board’s other tabs, you can read about suggestions that are in different stages of implementation, from planned to currently in work to launched. Some changes that were recently launched were improvements to flight tracking and time formats.

In addition to submitting ideas and voting on them, you can also report issues with the system and vote on ones that other customers have submitted. Once you do, you’ll be able to track when these issues are in progress and when they are resolved. Best place to buy Cenforce USA, UK, AU.

We say this all the time and we really mean it: we love to hear from our clients. Limo Anywhere personnel check the feedback portal every day, so be sure to visit regularly and let your voice be heard.

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