Why Should Limo Anywhere Customers Attend Limo Anywhere Academy?

This past week, the President of Limo Anywhere, Sean Arena and the Founder/ CEO of Limo University Bill Faeth held a live interview for all their customers and social media followers. The main talking point of the interview was about the first-ever Limo Anywhere User Conference Academy.

Sean was able to discuss the ins and outs of how Academy came to be and why it is essential for Limo Anywhere Customers to attend the event.

Over the past few years, Limo Anywhere has been purely focused on revamping and producing a greater product velocity for its customers. With the right team and the right technology, the company's growth in the last 15 years has scaled immensely from 100 operators to over 5000 in 2019. One of Limo Anywhere's latest features includes their new Reporting and Analytics Tool, which you can learn more about in this article.

With many new upgrades and new features, Limo Anywhere started noticing significant improvements but also some developing issues.  As the Limo Anywhere team performed thorough research on their customers, they noticed that many of them do not use all the Limo Anywhere features and services to its full potential and functionality.  Many are only using up to 30-40% of the features and services Limo Anywhere has to offer.

Although customers were requesting training sessions and webinars, the Limo Anywhere team knew this would not solve their problem permanently.  After several brainstorming sessions, the Limo Anywhere team knew what they needed to do to help their customers and fulfill their requests. They announced their first-ever user conference Limo Anywhere Academy.

Limo Anywhere Academy's mission is to change the game for their customers and help them increase their business potential to its maximum. They will be learning the ins and outs of the livery industry from leading operators and professionals. Limo Anywhere customers will not want to miss out on this event, as they get a chance to experience exclusive education and networking events around Limo Anywhere features and services, all the latest industry tech, trends, issues & more.

Limo Anywhere Academy will be held on September 10-12th in the Beautiful city of Fort Worth, Texas, to learn more about it and to register, click here!






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