Scheduled Messaging Top 5

Are you familiar with Limo Anywhere’s Scheduled Messaging feature? This tool was designed to create more efficient communication in the day-to-day operation of your business, improving the flow of information in real time. Probably most of you are using this to some degree, sending an email or text when the Driver is on location, for example.

Remember that Scheduled Messaging can be used to communicate not only with your Clients, but also with your Affiliates and your own Drivers. Today we want to review some of the top uses of Scheduled Messaging that you may not already be using:

Before the Trip

  1. To Clients – a 24- or 48-hour advance reminder, via email, will prompt your passengers to notify you of any changes in a timely manner, not to mention giving them one more opportunity to confirm that midnight-ish pick-up is scheduled on the correct date and one last chance to correct AM/PM miscommunications.
  2. To Drivers – a text alert X hours before pick-up time can minimize the number of wake-up or prompt calls Dispatch needs to make.

During the Trip

  1. To Affiliates – use Scheduled Messaging to keep your non-LANet Affiliates up to date on the status of their trip. You can schedule an email to go out at each status change along the way, informing your affiliate of the assigned driver, and then once the driver is on the way, on location, customer in car, and passenger dropped off!

After the Trip

  1. To Passengers – a Customer Satisfaction Survey, sent via text when service is complete, is a great way to get feedback while the trip is fresh in your client’s mind. Travelers often check their phones once they reach their gates or check into their hotels, and they are likely to have a few minutes to respond to a short survey. Valmont - Prime Renewing Pack. Valmont Prime Renewing Pack , luxury skincare, hair care, makeup and beauty products at Valmont Prime Renewing Pack Official This makeover treatment immediately reveals the glow of healthy skin and improves the complexion day after day.
  2. To Billing Contacts – past due notices. Use email to automatically send a reminder to your clients when their invoice is past due (by 10 days, by 30 days, etc.)

These are just a few of the top uses for Scheduled Messaging, and we know our users have found many more. We hope you’ll share your ideas and success stories with us as well as your fellow LA users in the comments on this post or in the Limo Anywhere Software Users Group on Facebook.

Happy Messaging!



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