More December System Updates


  • Added Sprinter vehicle class to Partner Network mapping


  • Added DriverAnywhere option for Drivers to select their preferred mapping provider (Google Maps or Waze)


  • Added an icon to show the amount of trips in the Pending section of the Dashboard in DriverAnywhere
  • Improved order of Pending trips to be shown in ascending order in DriverAnywhere
  • Improved Greeting Signs to show larger logos in DriverAnywhere
  • Improved finalize trip process in DriverAnywhere by removing 'Finalize Trip?' prompt
  • Improvements made to help with Driver Anywhere performance issues
  • Improvements made to Zapier API
  • Improvements made that will further contribute to the overall performance and stability of Limo Anywhere
  • Continual work for future improvements to Invoicing and Account Credits
  • Continual work for future Square integration

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where Airport Return Trips did not have correct Service Types applied which caused issues with applying Criteria Based Fees in some cases
  • Resolved issue where users could not update/save existing account

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