It’s Only Logical – Utilizing Criteria Based Fees

In our last installment, we talked about setting up promotional pricing and discounts. Miscellaneous Fees, also referred to as Criteria Based Fees, are the flip side of that coin. These fees can be used to recoup not only pass-through expenses like tolls, parking, and taxes, but also the “hidden” costs of doing business. For example, we see many in the industry using some level of dynamic pricing. While most operators don’t engage in the surge pricing common with TNCs, it is not at all uncommon to see an early morning/late night surcharge, an upcharge for trips booked on certain holidays, or weekend versus weekday pricing.

The key to making any of these line items work for you in Limo Anywhere is Criteria Based Fees. You’ll notice when setting up your itemized rate breakdown, there is an opportunity to enter a default amount. This is great when the item is universally applied, like a standard gratuity. However, many items are dependent on certain reservation details. When this is the case, Criteria Based Fees are the way to go.

In the rate breakdown, you identified if the fee is a multiplier, a percentage, or a flat amount. In the Miscellaneous Fees sections, you’ll create logical rules to tell LA when the fee might apply and the dollar amount or percentage associated with each rule. Let’s take a look at an example.

Miscellaneous Fee: There is a $4 Airport Fee for pick-ups only at a specific airport

In your rate breakdown, you included a fixed amount line item called Airport Fee. Now in the Miscellaneous Fees area, you’ll click Add New Fee, and enter the details and criteria in the box. First, select the rate item associated with the fee. In this case, I selected Airport Fee, and I made the fee Mandatory, which means that a Quote or an ORES booking will automatically include the fee on any trip that meets the criteria. And then I selected my criteria – this fee applies only to Service Type “From Airport” and only to a specific airport. I gave it a name and filled in the amount that should apply. You can see here that you can also include routing based rules, which are particularly useful in applying taxes and known tolls. Do take note that all criteria are positive/inclusive, so you cannot create a rule that would exempt certain trips from the fee.

If you aren't using Miscellaneous Fees, check them out--they can simplify your business and increase your revenue.


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