• March 5, 2020

March System Updates

  • Posted By: Limo Anywhere



  • Updated “Unfinalized” to a reservation action instead of a status. Now going to “More” on a reservation and clicking “Unfinalize” will move reservation to the Unfinalized tab.

  • Continuing work on adding reservation/quote details to New Online/E-farm-in email notifications
  • Continual work for future improvements to Invoicing and Account Credits
  • Continual work on State Machine and Workflow


Bug Fixes


  • Resolved issue when applying a Criteria Based Fee to a Multiplier Rate it will properly apply to rate portion of the Multiplier Rate instead of giving NaN calculation
  • Resolved issue where operators could not Receive Payment on finalized invoice
  • Resolved issue where 3 decimal places for mapped percentage rates were not applying in Batch Edit Rate Table
  • Resolved issue where Criteria Based Fees were not allowing 3 decimal places for percentage rates
  • Resolved issue when applying Fixed rate from “Apply Rate Table” was not properly applying
  • Resolved issue where users were getting error when batch deleting “Unfinalized” reservations
  • Resolved issue in Reporting & Analytics where “Group By” functionality was not working in some cases
  • Resolved issue in Reporting & Analytics where Stops were being displayed as N/A



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