Urgent Legislative Action Needed!

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has taken a significant toll on the ground transportation industry.   In times like these, we need solidarity to keep our businesses functioning. We encourage you to help by contacting your Congressional and Senate representatives as soon as possible.

Together we can make a difference to ensure that the ground transportation industry is included in any potential government assistance.

The NLA and several other like-minded associations are sending this directly to the Hill and White House as well.

To contact your representatives with this information, please do the following:
  1. Update the highlighted information in the draft email verbiage below to send to your representatives.
  2. Include Industry Coalition Letter as an attachment to your email.
  3. If you need further assistance, please click here to find your House Representatives and click here to find your Senators.
Draft Email Text

Dear [NAME] ,

I hope this finds you well and hope you are staying safe during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. I am your constituent from [your town or city] reaching out on behalf of the National Limousine Association and wanted to make sure you saw the attached letter from a coalition of ground transportation operators facing a dire situation. As you know, our passenger demand has fallen to near zero, and our industry is on the brink of collapse as insurance costs, loan payments, and payroll obligations become impossible to meet. We understand we are not alone, but we urgently need your assistance.

We are aware that COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on many sectors of the economy. The ground transportation industry has been particularly hard hit, and I urge you to support including the following measures in the next relief bill that is considered:

  1. Deem the industry a national “essential service.”
  2. Provide $12 billion in immediate cash grants to fleet operators to provide industry relief.
  3. Ensure guaranteed vehicle loan deferment/forbearance for at least 120 days.
  4. Declare the industry is eligible for zero-interest SBA loans and ensure such loans are made available within two weeks of application, with no payments due for six months.
  5. Mandate that all past due government accounts with transportation companies be paid within five days.
  6. Allow operators to postpone real estate tax payments as well as vehicle fuel and utilities payments such as phone, electricity and internet services, without penalty or disconnection.
  7. Open a pipeline to cleaning products to ensure vehicles are regularly sanitized, and to help our industry promote the safety of our services.

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you in advance for your support during these trying times.


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