Upcoming Updates for May

In our efforts to continue to push Limo Anywhere into the future and make improvements that will help our operators, we will be releasing updates to Statuses and State Workflows in Limo Anywhere within the next week. Also we have our new Invoicing and Account Credits functionality that we will be turning on for all operators over the next coming weeks along with some security enhancements.

Statuses and State Workflows

Limo Anywhere made a significant update to our status mapping that will act as the foundation for many of our new products, specifically Driver Anywhere and LA Net, as well as planned future development of reservation and dispatch functionality.

Here are some changes you will see with the new release:

  • We have improved, moved and combined the Manage Statuses section from Dispatch with System Mapping Workflow. The new location will be under My Office>Company Settings tab>System Settings>System Mapping.You will now be able to add, edit, map and deactivate statuses here. Status-to-time Mapping settings will also be here.This will keep all status and state related features in one convenient place with easy access.
  • The Status drop down list is now arranged and grouped by State and the Statuses that are mapped to those States. This will allow us to properly make status and state changes throughout our products.
  • Added ability to Copy and/or Print Deleted Reservations in case of accidental deletion. Removed “Restore” and “Purge” functionality from Deleted Reservations as they can have serious effects on your LA system and reservations.
  • Also we have temporarily removed the setting “Auto offer trip when driver is applied:” and its functionality. There were issues that arose with this functionality that we have to improve on in the future. When a driver and car are assigned to a reservation, you will have to update the status to “Offered to Driver” or “Driver Is Assigned” state.


New Invoicing and Account Credits

We have made significant improvements to Receivables, Invoicing, and Account Credits. As stated before, we will be turning this functionality on for all operators throughout May. If you would like to have this functionality turned on, please email support@limoanywhere.com  .

Here are some of the changes you will see:

  • New User Interface and Design for Invoice list and Payment Terminals
  • Added the ability to refund Invoice payment transactions
  • Improved Invoice Workflow and added ability to batch Finalize/Unfinalize and/or Close
  • Improved Invoices tab filtering and the data that is displayed for easy identification
  • Added the ability to manage Account Credits in the account itself. If your client wants to pay in advance or if you have some sort of gift card/reward program, you can now easily take payments and add those credits in the Account Credits terminal found in the account under the Financial Data tab. Those credits can then be used to pay off reservations and/or invoices.


Security Enhancements

The security of the Limo Anywhere system and protection of cardholder data is of the utmost importance to us. This is why your system includes a functionality that allows you to prohibit your personnel from seeing the full credit card details of your customers.

Limo Anywhere continues to abide by the applicable regulations, in addition to the best security practices in the industry. We are implementing an important change to our system for operators processing payments within Limo Anywhere. In the coming weeks, users will no longer be able to access full credit card details once they have been entered into the system.

We believe that this modification, while pertaining to a feature that is not strictly necessary for the provision of your services, will place you in the ranks of the operators with the highest data protection and security standards in the industry.

If you would like to opt-in to enable this functionality prior to its scheduled activation, please email support@limoanywhere.com with the request (be sure to include your Limo Anywhere company id as well.)


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