• May 6, 2020

May System Updates

  • Posted By: Limo Anywhere


  • Updated the language in LA and ORES to display “accessible” rather than “handicap”
  • Updated GroundLink modification and cancelled notifications to provide more details
  • Updated some Airport and Airline names
  • Added some Car Makes to Fleet
  • Updated initial map image that is on ORES when loading
  • Added reservation/quote details to new online email notifications
  • Moved and combined System Mapping and Manage Statuses section under My Office>System Settings>System Mapping
  • Added ability to make statuses inactive even if associated with trip
  • Added ability to Copy and/or Print Deleted Reservations in case of accidental deletion. Removed “Restore” and “Purge” functionality from Deleted Reservations as they can have serious effects on your LA system and reservations.
  • Temporarily removed the setting “Auto offer trip when driver is applied:” and it’s functionality. There were issues that arose with this functionality that we have to improve on in the future. When a driver and car are assigned to a reservation, you will have to update the status to “Offered to Driver” or “Driver Is Assigned” state.
  • Activated all states in Workflow including Affiliate states for LA Net trips with real-time updates
  • Updated Status list to display in Groups that correspond to States in WorkflowFor more information see articles below:
    Understanding Status Mapping And Workflow
    How to Customize and Manage Trip Statuses
  • Updated User Interface and Design for Invoice list and Payment Terminals
  • Added the ability to refund Invoice payment transactions
  • Improved Invoice Workflow and added ability to batch Finalize/Unfinalize and/or Close
  • Improved Invoices tab filtering and the data that is displayed for easy identification
  • Added the ability to manage Account Credits in the account itself

NOTE: For new invoicing improvements and account credits you have to request for this to be turned on for your company. Please send request to support@limoanywhere.com and we will turn this new functionality on for you. Your request may take several business days to complete.


Bug Fixes


  • Resolved issue where totals and payments were not displaying correctly on ORES dashboard for “Rides” and “Invoices”
  • Resolved issue where totals and payments were not displaying correctly on PDF or Printable version on ORES dashboard
  • Resolved issue where rates where not pulling correctly in the Instant Rate Lookup if the account was marked as just a Billing Contact
  • Resolved issue where the Billing Contact was not populating onto the reservation when starting a reservation from an account marked as Booking Contact and Passenger
  • Resolved issue where Child Seat(s) on a reservation were being reverted to “Infant” when a user modified the reservation on ORES
  • Resolved and issue where Per Passenger Rates were not population into Rate Table in some cases when selecting from “Apply Rate Table” on reservation
  • Resolved issue where System Users were able to still delete Quotes even though restricted in their System User profile