Passenger Web App Promotion

This month we are launching our new “Passenger Web App” (PWA.) The PWA is an option we offer to operators so they can have a mobile presence for their business. At the core, the PWA provides a way for customers to book rides, manage their account, and track their in-progress rides with status updates and driver GPS location.  Take advantage of our PWA promotion from June 18th – June 30th to add the PWA to your account with the $199 up-front fee waived.


How To Sign Up & Save $199

To Sign up, send an email to asking to add PWA to your account.  In your request please include your Limo Anywhere company ID.  If you don't know just include your full company name and our staff will find it for you.

Promotional details: Add the PWA to your account between 6/18 and 6/30 and we will waive the full up-front purchase price of $199.

The PWA has a $99 monthly fee, which will be automatically added to your future monthly invoices (if your next monthly invoice is due in less than 30 days from adding the PWA to the account, the first monthly charge for PWA would be on the following monthly invoice in August).

You may cancel the PWA at any time by sending an email to which will remove any monthly charges for the module going forward.


Key Benefits To PWA

  • Mobile Presence– the #1 benefit is this gives operators a mobile presence.  Just by sharing a link, you can have your customers download and book
  • Mobile Booking – easily allow your customer to get rates and book on the go anywhere their travel takes
  • Track Ride Capabilities – your customers can track status updates, ETA, driver and car info, and see exactly where the driver is located on GPS in the app
  • Book on Behalf – Allows Billing Contacts or Booking Contacts to book for their Passengers or Guests
  • New Technology – the technology used for the PWA is new and provides better conversion rates, increased user engagement, works offline, faster performance, and easy installation


The Passenger Web App is a Progressive Web App, What Is That?

A Progressive Web App is an application that is basically at its core a hybrid of regular web pages and a mobile application. This allows the application the ability to use the best features of modern web browsers combined with the feature and usability benefits of a native mobile application.

Progressive Web Apps are still websites so users can access it just like any website. However, when they land on a PWA, users will still get the feel of a mobile app without the need to download. The user does not need to install but will be given the option to. If they choose to install it, the application icon is added to home screen/app drawer of the device. 18.

Progressive Web Apps are not limited to mobile only. They can be implemented on desktop as well.


Is there a difference between a web app and Progressive Web App?

A regular web app is a website that is designed to be responsive and accessible on mobile devices.

A Progressive Web App is also mobile responsive however there are more capabilities in addition as well.

PWAs support certain native features that are not supported by regular web apps such as:

    • Full screen
    • Push notifications
  • GPS enabled
  • Works offline
  • Faster load times
  • (installable) add icon to apps drawer or home screen
  • Feels like a native app on the device


What are the advantages of having a Progressive Web App over a Native App?

When we say Native App that is any mobile app, you download and install from a mobile store like Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

PWA has certain advantages over a Native App such as:

  • Easy shared via URL
  • Installation without download
  • Saves storage space on devices
  • Greater online visibility and SEO
  • Instant updates to provide users with the latest experience
  • Increased conversions
  • Reduced load times
  • Single app that works across multiple platforms/browsers and operating systems


Please visit this link for an article on how to utilize the PWA

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