More August 2020 System Updates

At Limo Anywhere, we always strive to maintain the highest level in the industry when it comes to our operators’ data safety. As the newest addition to the series of security improvements that we have previously released, we have added yet another security feature – data redaction. It is of utmost importance to us to ensure that our customers have a reliable platform to work on, and know that their data, as well as their partners’, is stored in the safest environment possible, while at the same time following any local legal requirements. Our goal is to be as strong as possible in the data protection department and offer our users a trustworthy, high-security system to run their business. In addition to the data redaction setting, we have added some currencies to our database and resolved a DriverAnywhere bug fix.


  • Implemented Opt-In/Out Data Redaction Setting


In some markets, it is necessary to protect consumer data on trips you have received from affiliates or partners. In order to comply with these local requirements, we have implemented a Data Redaction setting. During redaction, passenger names and contact information along with address routing will be removed on Farm-In trips with a service date of at least 30 days prior.

Once you opt-in the data mentioned previously will be permanently redacted.

These are examples of how a reservation or report will look after data redaction:

For more information check out our article.

  • Added currencies:
    • Dominican Peso
    • Vietnamese Dong
    • Korean Won
    • Philippine Peso


  • Disabled DANet and GL Integrations


Due to the effects COVID-19 has had on the global economy and the travel industry particularly, GroundLink is ceasing operations effective on August 31st. As a result, the integrations for GroundLink and DANet have been discontinued. Granny crawled under the covers and fell silent. The woman also took cover, without saying a word. I dropped my duffel bag on my shelf and went out into the vestibule, pulling out my cigarettes. Yeah, it's going to be a rough night. Hammer of Thor India Although it was not very cold in the vestibule. But it's in the jacket. After a quick smoke, I went back into the car, and noticed that it was still warmer than outside. Maybe it's not so bad after all? I unwrapped the mattress and covered it with a blanket. I didn't take any underwear from the guide. Why, if you still sleep in your clothes?

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where DriverAnywhere was displaying incorrect flight information on the job card for drop off airport routing on Android in some cases
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